The Parang Bajau

The Parang Bajau

The late Tuan Haji Ebin bin Adim originated from Kampung Siasai Kumpang has
been working with metalwork since the age of 18 and has been making parang
(machetes) for more than 50 years.

Parang Craftsmen

He is one of the craftsmen of Parang Bajau who inherited the knowledge from his
father and now revealed to his children and grandchildren. He was more comfortable
doing his metalwork at the workshop just near to his kampung.

Compulsory Dowry

Keris, Gayang, Sword, and Parang are synonyms with the Bajau culture, with such
weapons often included as part of the compulsory dowry for marriage. He believe it is
important for the younger generation to continue with the craft that is part of their
heritage. The late Tuan Haji Ebin was awarded the title “Tokoh Ulung-Pandai Besi” by
Kraftangan Malaysia in 2012.

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