Serdang Leaves

Serdang Leaves

Sadi Basal a well-known name in the Bajau handicraft industry specializes in
Serdang handicraft. He is the only man in their village who is still active in making
handicrafts from Serdang leaves. In the olden days, the woven handicraft were only
used as a food cover called “Tenduang” in the Bajau Dialect. Nowadays, its use is
extended to many more commercial products such as egg containers, fruit baskets, handbags, and wastebaskets.

Tukang Ulung Kraf

Sadi has won the “Tukang Ulung Kraf” award during the 2015 National Craft Day
celebration. His involvement in the world of Serdang weaving stems from seeing his
late mother weaving Serdang products every day. However, he only started the craft
at the age of 14.

Kraftangan Malaysia 1987

His products became more varied and attractive after he registered his small
operations at Kraftangan Malaysia in 1987. Kraftangan Malaysia helped him a lot by
giving advice on design, marketing strategies, and by providing other assistance such
as workshops.

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