Sambitan Weave Master

Sambitan Weave Master

Pandian Hanki Sulaiman @ Hajah Mariam or Makcik Pandian hails from a village
called Kg. Rampayan Laut in Kota Belud, Sabah. Born on April 17, 1950, she began
to learn weaving from her mother and grandmother at an early age. 

11 Types Hand-woven Cloths

At that time, the
girls were taught a wide range of skills such as sewing, hand-woven, weaving, and
everything related to household chores. With 40 years over of experience in
handwoven cloths, she is famously known for her exquisite products.
Hajah Pandian can weave eleven types of hand-woven cloths: Kain Dastar, Munsala
Siambitan, Tubawas Siambitan, Kain Mugah, Kain Balbur, Kain Ampit, Kain Kosta,
Mandarispak, Marabur, and Jali Jali. Within the fabrics of these clothes, she can
weave 60 patterns of Bunga Kapas, Jali Jali, Daun Kalinguan, and Horse patterns.
Apart from hand weaving, Puan Pandian also good at weaving a decorated bead mat
(Tipo Selisir) embroidery and a traditional pattern called Langkit.

Sambitan Woven Master

To ensure the skills continuously grow, Hajah Pandian provides weaving training and
guidance to some of the school leavers who lived near her home. Her house was used
as a workshop to train passionate young weavers. Her noble efforts have gained the
attention of the government. She received assistance from the Ministry of Rural
Development to build a more comfortable workshop that could accommodate more
Puan Hajah Pandian is always invited to hold demonstrations and exhibitions in Sabah
and Kuala Lumpur. In 2006, she participated in the Heritage Craft Apprenticeship
Scheme, a program organized by Kraftangan Malaysia that aimed at assisting future
leaders in the field of heritage craft including Sambitan weave. Kraftangan Malaysia
has appointed Puan Hajah Pandian Sulaiman as SAMBITAN WOVEN MASTER
CRAFTSMEN in 2006 in honor of her significant contributions in Sambitan weave.

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