Most of these tales have been told to me, at one time or another, by those good friends of mine, the brown people who live upon the sunny plains or in the forest uplands of North Borneo. One would make shorter a ride through the jungle along a path that wound mazily about the hills; one would help to pass an evening in a long house up-country, when all but the circle of the fire was deep in shadow; another brings back a picture of a native boat beneath the moon, my helmsman breaking off his story to whistle for the wind to fill our great square sail. And I sometimes think that perhaps I came to hear them because I was always ready to believe that every one of them was true.

Some, particularly The Spectral Huntsman and The Cunning Mousedeer, are common to all Malayan folklore; others belong more peculiarly to Borneo. They have been handed down from the grim days of piracy and head-hunting, but those who remember them now live at peace, with a philosophy as sound as any in the world (for their wants are few) and with a prospect, if the best influences of the West reach them without the worst, of even happier and more prosperous days to come. O.R.

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The Dragon of Kinabalu 1

The King of the Crocodiles 9

The Geruda Bird 17

The Felling of Tinagat Rock 24

The Spectral Huntsman 31

The Enchanted Basket and the Lazy Woman 37

The Vampires of Tempasuk 45

The Cunning Mousedeer 52

The Orang’s Bride 60

The Princess from under the lake 67

The Magic Beanstalk 75

The Bewitched Goat 85

The Tree of Echoes 91

The Vengeance of the Bog 97

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