Reflections of A Curious Victorian Lady In North Borneo


Ada Blanche Locke spent 16 years in North Borneo as a consort of Victorian explorer and naturalist, William Burgess Pryer, the founder of Sandakan, and the first white resident of the East Coast. Her vivid and eloquent recollection of daily life in the formative years of British North Borneo is brought to life in this highly-awaited biographical volume by author and aspiring artist, June Adeline Corpuz. Accentuated with June’s scenic etchings of late-19th century Sandakan and watercolor sketches by William Pretyman, the West Coast Resident in the late 19th century, the book captures Mrs. Pryer’s momentous years at its most evocative.

June Adeline Corpuz is the granddaughter of Penghalo Stanilaus Dominic, an orphan from a royal house of the sea-faring tribe, who was brought up by the Pryers. June migrated to England initially to complete her education, but ultimately, as a banking professional for forty years. On retirement, curiosity about her childhood stories compelled June to research passionately into the heritage of the Pryers which eventually formed the basis for this book and the biography of Mrs. Pryer.

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