ITIN – The Bornean Elephant


This is a story about Itin, an eight-year-old Bornean elephant who lives in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. In his journey of discovery, Itin learns from his mother and relatives about folklore that tells how elephants are revered by indigenous communities, and what he should expect once he leaves the herd. Written largely in Itin and his relatives’ voices, this book also covers facts on elephants including unique features, social behaviour and communication methods. This publication highlights threats that Bornean elephants face daily, such as when their migratory paths are blocked by changes in land use or other forms of development. It also describes some of the scientific and field work that is done to protect elephant habitats, and their long-term survival in a fragmented landscape. Peppered with colour pictures, Itin — A Bornean Elephant, will hopefully inspire readers to better understand the plight of this endangered mammal, and what its future holds against a backdrop of increasing demands for a comfortable lifestyle.

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