Lepa – Lepa


The Lepa-lepa boat is a very important means of transportation and communication among the Bajau Kubang and Bajau Palaoo, residing along the coast and several islands off Semporna, Lahad Datu, and Sandakan. The livelihood of the Bajau Kubang and Bajau Palaoo is mainly dependent on the sea. Lepa-lepa is used for all sea activities, such as fishing, transportation, and communication as well. For the Bajau Palaoo, Lepa-lepa is used as their dwelling.

The Tambu-Tambu wood is the main wood used in making lepa-lepa apart from Mata-Mata and Gangil. This wood is suitable because it is light, withstands dampness, and can be easily obtained.

This Lepa model is made of lightweight Tambo-Tambo wood and beautiful plant motifs such as the Kembang Tuli, Dahan and Kellong are intricately carved on its body, giving it a perfect finish.

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Dimensions 22 × 7 cm

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