Sabah Book: White Man Returns (New Cover)


This book complete the trilogy of Agnes Newton Keith’s captivating reminiscences of contemporary life of old North Borneo. She wrote three books on Borneo, which spanned an important watershed of North Borneo history as it became transformed from its isolated existence as an insulated anachronism of the 20th Century into a modern state in keeping with the times.

Each book was a description of life during each of three periods. They were distinct as they were different, under three different forms of Government administration. They were the pre-war years when North Borneo was still under the Chartered Company rule, the outbreak of the Pacific War and the Japanese Occupation, and the early years of the post-war recovery as a British Crown Colony. Pre-war North Borneo was unusual in being the only country in the world that was still run by a Chartered Company.

In this book, White Man Returns, Agnes describes North Borneo as the modern version of a 17th century synthesis of adventure, piracy, business and government.

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PART ONE – We Return
I. Rendezvous
II. Retrospect
III. Entrance to Asia
IV. Borneo Family
V. Brothers
PART TWO – People who live in Grass Houses
I. Land of Sabah
II. Green Graves
III. Honest Men
IV. Angela
V. To Have a Little Land
PART THREE – Boy In Borneo
I. Boy in Borneo
II. Curry with Brotherly Love
III. Tommy
IV. Sailor
V. Rat Race
PART FOUR – Golden Rain
I. Bird’s Nest Caves
II. Return to the jungle
III. Rulers of the River
IV. Turtle Islands
PART FIVE – Lighting in a Luminious Sky
I. My enemy
II. Everybody Has to Have a Friend
III. Bitter Tears to Shed
IV. This Happy Land
V. Thunder

Publication Date: First published 1951 by Little Brown and Company in association with The Atlantic Monthly Press. Reprinted 2008 by Opus Publications Sdn. Bhd., Kota Kinabalu.
Publisher: Opus Publications Sdn. Bhd.
Author: Agnes Newton Keith

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