A Field Guide To Tawau Hills Park


Protected areas are defined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as clearly defined spaces, which are recognised, dedicated, and managed, through legal or other effective means, to achieve the long-term conservation of nature with the associated ecosystem services and cultural values. Sabah has a history of forest protection, going back nearly a century to the establishment of Forest Reserves around limestone caves inhabited by edible-nest swiftlets. The Government of Sabah has long recognised the inherent value of protecting nature through protected areas to nurture its people, biodiversity, and natural scenery. Sabah Parks manages three large mountainous forest areas, established for the joint purposes of nature conservation, water protection, and other ecosystem services, and their spiritual and cultural values to the various peoples inhabiting the Land Below The Wind. Tawau Hills is perhaps the least known and least visited of the three.

Tawau Hills Park was gazetted as a State Park in 1979, at that time primarily in recognition of the value of its forested hills as an important water catchment area. Mainly under undisturbed rainforest, the park is the source of fresh water for many of the human inhabitants of SOuth-eastern Sabah. The Park is also home to many varied species of plants and animals, including several species of endangered native birds and rare plants. There is no shortage of entirely natural sights and sounds for the visitor. The more adventurous can visit one or more of the three peaks within the park, remnants of ancient volcanoes.

A Field Guide to Tawau Hills Park is intended for first-time visitors, experienced trekkers, and scientists alike. This guide is the culmination of years of research carried out by Sabah Parks and its partner institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and interested visitors and photographers. I commend the writers and the many others who provided their knowledge and splendid photographs. The extensive knowledge and passion of all the contributors for the protection of Sabah’s natural resources show clearly in the content of this field guide. Please make use of it to add to your enjoyment and understanding of Tawau Hills Park and its wild animals and plants.

Dr. Maklarin Lakim

Director of Sabah Parks

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