About Us

About Us

Specialising in 100% authentic local and traditional souvenirs and handicrafts, Kadaiku, which in the local Malay dialect means “my shop”, is a treasure cove of mementos that represent the magic and essence of Sabah, the Land Below the Wind. We offer an extensive collection of authentic local handicraft and souvenirs, featuring a wide of unique, traditional, functional, and innovative Sabah handmade handicrafts. Each item we carry has been handpicked with utmost care and attention, many of which are masterpieces unique to our store. 

Supporting Our Local Friends

Our team often travels far to villages, looking for local products to bring into our store while providing a space for local handcrafters to market their handmade creations to locals and tourists. We have been supporting their handcrafts for years and have elevated their crafts into the tourism world. 

We’ve also welcomed new and upcoming local crafters into our space, providing you with both traditional and modern designs of Sabah.

So whenever you buy any of our product(s), you’re also supporting both our rural and urban artisans while promoting Sabah’s heritage, traditions and culture. Here in Kadaiku, our customers are our ambassadors in preserving Sabah’s rich culture.