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  • Sirung Dusun Kota Belud

  • Musical Instrument – Bungkau

    This jaw harp is made from the outer skin of a palm known as polod among the Kadazandusun community.  The lamella in the centre is meant to vibrate by striking the end of the instrument with the thumb.  The vibrating strip makes very little sound by itself, but if held before the opened mouth, the player can gently magnify the sound by resonance.

  • Musical Instrument – Sompoton with Tune (24L)

    The Sompoton is a traditional musical instrument made by the Kadazandusun community of Tambunan. The instruments’ name is derived from the word ‘miampot’, which means in unison.  Using inhaling and exhaling techniques, the player can produce soft sweet harmonies. It consists of eight bamboo pipes in double rafts inserted into a dried gourd.

  • Yit Foh – Tenom White Coffee

  • Metal Keychain

  • Pewter Keychain Sompoton

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    Mini Proboscis Monkey

    Lakii  is another member of Kadaiku’s very own Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus) plush toy family. This primate found mostly along the coastal swamps of Labuk  Bay, Sukau and Klias in Sabah. A male Proboscis is hard to miss with its pendulous nose, long tale and large, round belly which stores a meal of young leaves and nutmegs. They are excellent tree climbers, fantastic leapers and skilful swimmers.  This remarkable creature is an endangered species and protected under the Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1977.  This plush toy is an exclusive trademark product of Kadaiku™, manufactured in compliance with the European Standard (EN71) on safety for toys.