The Endleaves (CD)

The Endleaves (CD)


The Endleaves is a punk blues rock band fronted by Shaneil Devaser from Kota Kinabalu, North Borneo on vocals and guitars, Riz Rashid on guitars and vocals, Jeremiah Abraham on the bass and Harvey Chamberlain on the drums.

Often likened to the Foo Fighters and Oasis, the band plays tunes heavily influenced by the 90s, with an injection of folky flair. It’s all about wailing vocals, screaming guitars, groovy bass lines and thumping drums. Think: loud.

Track List:

  1. Maple As She Glows 04:18
  2. Just Dream On 02:52
  3. For a Day 03:14
  4. Feel 03:05
  5. Set Me Free 04:29
  6. These Things 03:44
  7. Isn’t it Strange? 03:39
  8. High 04:36
  9. Forget 04:01
  10. Once Upon a Time 04:18
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Product Description

Released January 31, 2014

Composed by Shaneil Devaser, Riz Rashid, Kristopher Chong and Rashaad Ali
Maple As She Glows, Feel, Set Me Free and Once Upon a Time written by Riz Rashid and Shaneil Devaser
Everything else written by Shaneil Devaser
Produced by Psytrus
Engineered by Madan Theertha Pathy
Recorded at Pulse Soundworks late 2013
Mastered at Sage Audio
Artwork by Riz Rashid