Peter Pragas – Piano Impressions: Tranquility (CD)

Peter Pragas – Piano Impressions: Tranquility (CD)


This album captures essential characteristics of local, diverse cultural and unique multiracial musical heritage of SABAH, the North Borneo State of Malaysia (or “The Land Below The Wind”, a phrase seafarers used to refer lands south of the typhoon belt).

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Track List:

  1. Sabah Melody 5:37
  2. Asli Piano 5:25
  3. Pearl of the Orient 7:04
  4. Mantanani Island 3:50
  5. Reflections 3:45
  6. Kasakazan Do Bambazon 1:58
  7. Tranquility 5:49
  8. Withered Flower 4:30
  9. Fleeting Moments 3:43
  10. Tanjong Aru Beach 4:36
  11. Mengaris 2:32
  12. Aslinaise 5:10
  13. Simpang Mengayau 4:59
  14. Sustain Us With Your Love 5:28
  15. Wishing Star 4:40
  16. Kinabalu Blues 3:34
  17. The First Love Song 4:03

The album cover depicts the Tip of Borneo at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau (also known as Tanjung Sampang Mangazo in the language of the Rungus who are natives to Kudat). ‘Tanjung’ means tip, ‘Sampang’ a junction, and ‘Mangazo’ battle. According to Rungus folklore, this was the site of a fierce battle fought by their forefathers, defending Rungus territory against invading enemies. The fleet of Magellan, on its famous voyage to circumnavigate the globe, was said to have stopped here to repair their ships.