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  • Kain Ampik (Sarong)

  • Kain Dastar (12″L x 12″W)

  • Kain Dastar (38″L x 38″W)

    This beautiful hand woven Kain Dastar is indigenous to the Iranun community of Kota Belud, Sabah.  Although, it is made by the Iranun weavers of Kota Belud, the Dastar is used by other ethnic groups as ceremonial headgear.   For the Bajau, the headgear is known as Podong, the Iranun call it the Tubau, while the Kadazan Dusun wear a Sigar (or Sigah).  The headgear often completes the wearers’ traditional attire and is donned at festive occasions and cultural ceremonies.    These days, the Kain Dastar can also be used to adorn your wall or add an ethnic touch to any living space.


  • Kain Jali-Jali

     Jali Jali is also a product of the Iranun weavers of Kota Belud, Sabah.  The Jali Jali is known for its simple and clean design, making it a popular and versatile choice.  Traditionally, it is worn as clothing for both men and women but today, the Jali Jali used for more contemporary designs such as handbag or purses.

  • Kain Pajuntai Sarong (Samping)

    Traditionally, Kain Pajuntai could only be worn by Iranun dignitaries as a sarong but these days, it is popularly worn as a samping as part of the traditional attire of Malay men during national celebrations or festive events. Made by the Iranun weavers of Kota Belud, the Pajuntai is often colourful, bearing floral-inspired motifs. For the tapestry enthusiast, the Kain Pajuntai is also great for adorning any living space.