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  • Mangroves Of Sabah – An Introduction to the Flora and Fauna

    This publication is an effort to share with the general public information on the plants and animals found in Sabah’s mangroves.


    To the casual eye, mangroves do not look like any other forests, but they thrive in this amphibious environment. Every living being is a product of the environment, moulded by intricate events throughout its evolutionary history. Nature endows mangrove communities with ingenious adaptations for success. As such, many associated life forms have found a niche in the mangroves. Of the 340,000 hectares of mangroves in Sabah , over 90% are still largely intact, and most of these areas are under Sabah Forestry Department. Realizing that mangroves are important natural resources, efforts have been made to manage them in accordance with the principles of conservation and sustainable use.

  • Sandakan Rainforest Park – A Scientifically & History Important Forest

    Sandakan Rainforest Park (SRFP) is located about 9 km away from the centre of the coastal town of Sandakan in Sabah, Malaysia. Historically and scientifically, the Park is known as Kebun Cina (Chinese Farm or Orchard) Forest, which previously covered a much larger area (up to Mile 1 ½, North Road) than the present area of 148.6 hectares. Some of the earliest botanical explorations in Borneo were carried out here. The park is the locality of about 110 type specimens; as such, it is very important site for research on plant diversity in Borneo. The core area of this park is still in a pristine condition. Many lowland species of flora and fauna of Borneo are found in this forest.

    At present, among the attractive features of this park are: carnivorous pitcher plants, living topotypes of about 110 plant species, its early history related to the early botanical explorations and the early suburban settlement known as Kebun Cina, an exhibition building (Kebun Cina Gallery), jogging track, nature trail and a children’s playground.

    This guidebook provides information on the following at the Sandakan Rainforest Park:

    • History of “Kebun Cina” and early botanical explorations
    • Some of the interesting flora, fauna and other aspects of nature of this park
    • Facilities for outdoor recreation and nature education
  • A Naturalist’s Guide To The Birds of Malaysia Including Sabah & Sarawak

    This easy-to-use identification guide to the 280 bird species most commonly seen in Malaysia (including the state of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo) is perfect for resident and visitor alike. High quality photographs from some of Malaysia’s top nature photographers are accompanied by detailed species descriptions which include nomenclature, length, plumage, distribution, habits and habitat. The user-friendly introduction covers climate, vegetation, biogeography, opportunities for naturalists and the main sites for viewing the listed species. Also included is an all-important checklist of all of the birds of Malaysia encompassing, for each species, its common and scientific names as well as Malay names, its status in each state as well as its global status.

  • Agnes Keith – Land Below The Wind

    Few books illustrate the contemporary life of pre-war Sabah as vividly as Agnes Keith’s Land The Wind. Ada Pryer wrote the first narrative account of life in the fledgling state of North Borneo, published in 1893. But it was Mrs Keith, who captured the heart and the imagination of her readers about this faraway land, nestled below the big winds of the typhoon belt, in Land Below The Wind. Her warm and humorous style won her the Atlantic Monthly Non-fiction Prize, and later, much later, the eternal gratitude of Sabahans. Those who live and work in Sabah have Mrs. Keith to thank for the sobriquet, Land Below The Wind. The mariners sailing in the surrounding waters described all the lands south of the typhoon belt as the “land below the wind”. But Mrs. Keith reserved the label exclusively for Sabah in her book.


    Kudat, like other well-established localities in Sabah, Land Below The Wind, offers many aspects that can be directly enjoyed by the visitor without any trouble. Still, it is always the special flavour of a destination that creates its own special draw. In Kudat, this springs to the fore- unadulterated original townlife with a vast Bornean hinterland; a mixture of various cultures that welcomes visitors; wild, windy shores; pampering amidst natural settings. This is the tourist’s own corner of Borneo that will either start you off fresh on your sojourns in a special land, or help you wind down to recapture all the special moments that have been savoured. This guide book will be a useful introduction to Kudat’s special nature, as well as worthy companion to enjoying Kudat.

  • Pangazou – The Epic Adventures of Bihangan and Somboi

    Pagazou, means Warrior in the Kadazan dialect.

    This book is written as the story was narrated by the author’s daughters – Michelle, Dianne and Josephine when they were very young and is out now written form of his grand daughters, Georgia Quirke-Luping and Katie Quirke-Luping.

    This is a work of fiction based on a Kadazan Legend. The description of the annual work cycle of the Kadazans, however, is correct; but today because of mechanization and double cropping the annual work cycle is no longer in practice. While most are gone, there are no longer any Pangazou or Warriors amongst us today.

  • Rungus Do Matunggong

  • SANDAKAN – A Conspiracy of Silence

  • Traditional Music Of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

    Enjoy the soothing ethnic sound of sabah through this collection of traditional music CD, consisting of 20 track music songs played by traditional musical instruments such as Kulintangan, Sompoton, Gong, Bungkau and many more from various ethnics of Sabah.

    Track List:

    Western Sabah

    1. Prelude: “Sompoton”
    2. Kuda Pasu (Ethnic Race: Bajau; District: Kota Belud)
    3. Sumazau Penampang (Ethnic Race: Kadazandusun; District: Penampang)
    4. Adai-Adai (Ethnic Race: Brunei Mala; District: Sipitang & Membakut)
    5. Liliput (Ethnic Race: Bisaya; District: Beaufort)
    6. Limbai (Ethnic Race: Bajau; District: Kota Belud)
    7. Mongigol Sumayau (Ethnic Race: Lotud; District: Bongowan)
    8. Umang-Umang Ting-Ting (Ethnic Race: Brunei Malay; District: Bongawan)
    9. Sumazau Papar (Ethnic Race: Kadazandusun; District: Papar)


    Eastern Sabah

    1. Prelude: “Kulintangan”
    2. Daling-Daling (Ethnic Race: Suluk; District: Sandakan & Semporna)
    3. Titikas (Ethnic Race: Orang Sungai; District: Kinabatangan)
    4. Dansa (Ethnic Race: Cocos; District: Lahad Datu)
    5. Bolak-Bolak (Ethnic Race: Bajau; District: Semporna)
    6. Mengiluk (Ethnic Race: Suluk; District: Sandakan & Semporna)
    7. Tarirai (Ethnic Race: Bajau; District: Semporna)


    Northern Sabah

    1. Mongigol Sumundai (Ethnic Race: Rungus; District: Kudat & Pitas)


    Interior of Sabah

    1. Angalang (Ethnic Race: Murut; District: Pensiangan & Tenom)
    2. Magunatip (Ethnic Race: Murut & Kwijau Dusun; District: Pensiangan & Tenom)
    3. Ending: “Bungkau”


  • Fauziah Gambus Vol.1 (MTV)

    Debut album of Fauziah Suhaili, the one and only singer and female Gambus (Malay Oud) player from Bongawan, Sabah, Malaysia. She made her mark in traditional music world during the Sabah Fest’s opening act. Enjoy this 12-strings musical and songs.

  • Discovering Sabah (Travel VCD)

    To know all about Sabah in 40 minutes, this is one that you must bring home!

  • Roger Wang – Milestones: 2000 – 2009 Collection (CD)

    This album is a collection of 23 personal favourites from the 6 albums that Roger Wang has released between 2000-2009. He has also included 3 unreleased bonus tracks. Two of it are live recordings from his concert with re:mix and one a Chill House Music collaboration with DJ John Boy Lee. Check out the full track listing below. All songs have been remastered by Keith Yip (Rock In Music, Hong Kong) making it sound even better than before.