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    Kudat, like other well-established localities in Sabah, Land Below The Wind, offers many aspects that can be directly enjoyed by the visitor without any trouble. Still, it is always the special flavour of a destination that creates its own special draw. In Kudat, this springs to the fore- unadulterated original townlife with a vast Bornean hinterland; a mixture of various cultures that welcomes visitors; wild, windy shores; pampering amidst natural settings. This is the tourist’s own corner of Borneo that will either start you off fresh on your sojourns in a special land, or help you wind down to recapture all the special moments that have been savoured. This guide book will be a useful introduction to Kudat’s special nature, as well as worthy companion to enjoying Kudat.

  • Pangazou – The Epic Adventures of Bihangan and Somboi

    Pagazou, means Warrior in the Kadazan dialect.

    This book is written as the story was narrated by the author’s daughters – Michelle, Dianne and Josephine when they were very young and is out now written form of his grand daughters, Georgia Quirke-Luping and Katie Quirke-Luping.

    This is a work of fiction based on a Kadazan Legend. The description of the annual work cycle of the Kadazans, however, is correct; but today because of mechanization and double cropping the annual work cycle is no longer in practice. While most are gone, there are no longer any Pangazou or Warriors amongst us today.

  • Rungus Do Matunggong

  • SANDAKAN – A Conspiracy of Silence